Gallery Commission Agreement:

    Local Pieces LTD is a private corporation and is a for profit company as such we make money through commission of sales from the Art we display. As such, by signing up to display your art with us you are agreeing to the following terms:

  1.     We have a base rate of 40% of pre-tax sales amounts. The amount of which is chosen and set by the artist while adhearing to the stated pricing rules below.
  2. There is an opportunity for The Artist to earn a lower rate no less then 30% by volunteering time at the Gallery to mind the works on The Floor and process sales for The Customer.
  3. Commission garnered through the Gallery are rated at 20% commmsion to the Gallery as a finders and facilitators fee. As these can often happen outside the Gallery we are trusting our Artists to be upfront when a commission is recieved from Gallery exposure. 
  4. Understanding that it can be slow at times, We do not want to be seen as wasting anyones time just to mind the sales floor, we have as such chosen to encourage The Artist to bring their work in so that they might be productive in their field at the same time. 
  5. We have also chosen to make available the ability to conduct classes and teach their skills to The Customer eager to learn.



    The option to teach a class is offered to those Artists willing to help out the Gallery by volunteering their time minding The Floor. 

    The Gallery offers to facilitate and cover the cost of heating and hydro as well as provide the table which seats a max capacity of 8 Customers without room for the teacher and 7 with the teacher. Here are the details :


General Rules:

    The Gallery will ensure the facility is locked with 24 hr survelance via nno less than 4 cameras on the floor at all times.

    Whiile the Gallery may to host an event featuring The Artistit shall be only at our convienience and discretion to make such plans.

    All other matters shall be discussed and dealth with on an individual basis with The Gallery Management.

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