Teapot Racer Workshop – June 15th 1pm to 4pm

Teapot Racer Workshop
Location: Local Pieces Gallery – Fergus
Date: June 15th
Time: 1pm to 4pm
Cost: $175
Availability: 10 spaces
Due to the success of his first workshop we are offering a second opportunity for those who missed out in the first session. Sir Thomas Nigel Tinkerton (Andy Moses) of Hamilton Splendid Teapot Racing Association will be your instructor. This workshop includes a full kit with everything you need to make and decorate your own Teapot Racer. During this informative afternoon you will not only create your own wild racing machine, you will learn some of the long history of Teapot Racing and become part of a wacky group of enthusiasts that race at the various steampunk events.
Workshops participants will be able to participate in the featured race at the Cogs & Clockwork – Fergus Steampunk Festival.


10 in stock


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